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Chapter 28: Trust

So they should start again. Denmark should not be behind anybody else. In fact, Denmark was the first to have the center in the whole of Europe. They should start and they should expand and slowly make communes. And communes are going to become very attractive, just people have to see how they function, how easily, how more comfortably, how luxuriously, how economically - no unemployment, no population growth, no unnecessary fighting, rape, no prostitution. All these can be avoided. Just people have to see.

And more and more people can move. And now that I have allowed you can be a sannyasin without red clothes, you can be a sannyasin even without mala, more and more people.. I have opened the doors, more and more people can come and be part of the commune. And slowly if they feel like having malas and having red clothes, that is up to them. But there is no need to enforce anything.

So Denmark should have centers, it should have commune. So tell my people to put their energy back into it. Okay?