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Chapter 13: The Science of the Esoteric

The second most active point is at the back of your neck. It would be fun some time to experiment on this center. For example, a stranger is walking ahead of you. If you focus your eyes on the back of his neck from a distance of four feet and give him suggestions to look back, in a few minutes you will find the man looking behind him nervously. You can even make him look behind from his left or right - whichever way you suggest, he will look back. You can even suggest to him to turn on the next street instead of going straight ahead. After a few experiments, when you become confident, you can make a person go astray. You can make him go where he never wanted to go.

When children are kidnapped, their hands and feet are not tied; rather, the center at the back of their necks is worked on. If one attempts to tie their limbs openly on the street, children can yell and scream and draw people’s attention. The kidnapper can be easily caught. But if one knows how to act on the center at the back of the neck, one can take anybody with him wherever he wants. And the interesting thing is, this man X, for instance, will be walking behind Y, the person he is working on. So no one can accuse X of leading anybody away. Although Y will be walking ahead of X, he will be only following X’s suggestions. X can make Y walk, turn, move whichever way he wants. He can take Y wherever he wants.

So these two points are very significant. There are many other points in the body, but it is better not to discuss them. These two centers are simple and straightforward. As I pointed out in my previous talk, any woman who went to see Gurdjieff immediately felt some work happening on her sex center. Many intelligent women went to see him and their experience was the same. As soon as they would go to Gurdjieff, immediately their sex center would become active - some strange intense sensation would begin making a circular movement at that point. It’s a tremendously sensitive point. The navel is also one such center. There are many other centers as well.

So the question is, if a man’s consciousness has gone out, where should the body be touched so that it can be brought back? Generally we need to know the man’s personality; we must know which point in his body was most alive. If he is sexual, then touching his sex center would enable his subtle body to return at once. If he is an intellectual, lives through intellect, then the body would return by touching the agya chakra. If the person is sentimental, emotional, then touching his heart can bring the subtle body back. So it will all depend on the center through which the person lives the most.

Remember, when a person dies his life force leaves from the very center he has lived through most. And the same is the point for his subtle body to enter his physical body as well. For example, when a sexual man dies his life force departs through his genitals. There is a complete science which describes how by observing a dying man, you can tell which center in his body was most active, because that is the center which breaks down at the moment of death.

We still observe an age-old practice at the time of cremation; it’s a practice which although now totally meaningless, was conceived once upon a time at a great moment of realization. At the end of cremation we break the skull of the burning body with a staff. The blow is made at the point of the sahasrar, the seventh chakra.

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