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Chapter 3: About Your Wilder Being

Then, is the heart: At the heart center the lower and the higher meet. At the heart center: the prakriti and purusha, the sexual and the spiritual, the worldly and the other-worldly - or you can call it the meeting of heaven and earth. It is still higher because for the first time something of the beyond dawns - you can see the sun rising at the horizon. You are still rooted in the earth, but your branches are spreading into the sky. You have become a meeting. That’s why the heart center gives, ordinarily available, the highest and the most refined experience - the experience of love. The experience of love is the meeting of earth and heaven; so love is in a way earthly and in another way heavenly.

If Jesus defined God as love, this is the reason, because in human consciousness love seems to be the higher glimpse.

Ordinarily people never go beyond the heart center. Even to reach to the heart center seems to be difficult, almost impossible. People remain at the sex center. If they are trained deeply in yoga, karate, aikido, t’ai chi, then they reach to the second center, the hara. If they are trained in a deep mechanism of breathing, prana, then they reach the navel center. And if they are trained how to look beyond earth and how to see beyond the body and how to look so deeply and so sensitively that you are no longer confined to the gross, and the subtle can penetrate its first rays into you - only then, the heart center.

All paths of devotion - bhakti yoga - work on the heart center. Tantra starts from the sex center, Tao starts from the hara center. Yoga starts from the navel center. Bhakti yoga, paths of devotion and love, Sufis and others, they start from the heart center.

Higher than the heart is the throat center. Again there happens another integration, even more superior, more subtle. This center is the center of receiving and giving. When the child is born he receives from the throat center. First, life enters into him from the throat center - he sucks air, breathes; and then he sucks milk from his mother. The child functions from the throat center, but it is half functioning and soon the child forgets about it. He just receives, he cannot give yet; his love is passive. And if you are asking for love, then you remain juvenile, you remain childish. Unless you mature - that you can give love - you have not become a grown-up. Everybody asks for love, demands love, and almost nobody gives. That’s the misery all over the world. And everybody who demands thinks that he is giving, believes that he is giving.

I have looked into thousands of people - all hungry for love, thirsty for love, but nobody in any way trying to give. And they all believe that they are giving but they are not receiving. Once you give you receive naturally. It has never happened otherwise. The moment you give, love rushes in you. It has nothing to do with persons and people; it has something to do with the cosmic energy of existence.

The throat center is the meeting of receiving and giving. You receive from it and you give from it. That is the meaning of Christ’s saying that unless you become a child again.. If you translate it into the yoga terminology it will mean: unless you come to the throat center again.. The child forgets by and by.

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