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Chapter 2: In a Right Moment

“Sorry, but all we are serving is bread.”

“Holy mackerel! Only bread and wine! The guy who is giving this party ought to be crucified!”

Niranjan, please don’t crucify me! This is not the Last Supper! And if you cannot find the right beer, the reason is because you are not the right person. You are so full of beer already, how can you find the right beer? How can you manage to know what is right and what is wrong? I don’t think that in Niranjan’s veins there is blood - just beer! Go to the Medical Center and be examined. You can’t have blood in your veins: you are really full of beer!

If some cannibals ever find you they will dance with joy. They will have found the right beer! And they are not going to kill you or cook you - they will sip you!

Michael picked up a blonde at a bar and after quite a few drinks they went to a hotel room and made love. In the middle of the night Michael woke up to go to the bathroom and noticed that the woman had taken off a wooden leg and laid it by the bed.

As the girl slept Michael began fiddling with its springs and braces and finally found he had taken the wooden leg apart and could not put it back together again.

He went out into the hall and stopped a man perfumed with booze, saying, “Can you help me? I’ve got a woman in my room with one leg apart and I can’t seem to get it back together.”

“Hell!” said the drunk, “I got a woman in my room with both legs apart and I can’t even find the goddamn room!”

The fourth question:

Does the seeker have to suffer inevitably on the way?

It all depends. Growth in itself has no suffering in it; suffering comes from your resistance towards growth. Suffering is created by you because you resist continuously, you don’t allow it to happen. You are afraid to go totally with it; you go only halfheartedly. Hence the suffering - because you become divided, you become split. A part of you cooperates and a part of you is against it, resists it. This conflict inside you creates suffering.

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