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Chapter 7: They Kill Lust with Lust

Overlapping starts at the throat center; boundaries become dim, not very clear-cut. But still, you exist separately. You have a separate center and God has a separate center. In prayer you two are meeting, overlapping. In some way peripheries are merging into each other, but still centers are different. The higher you go, the more centers come closer and closer. At the sahasrar, the seventh chakra, your centers become one. Then there is only one center.

That’s what is meant when Jesus says, “Not I, but my Father lives in me.” Now the seeker and the sought are not two. The ultimate meeting has happened, the ultimate love has flowered, has come to fruition and fulfillment.

If you become aware and a witness when the sex center is throbbing with energy, vibrating, streaming - without choosing indulgence or repression - if you can remain just in the middle, a watcher, an observer, this tremendous transformation happens on its own. So next time you feel full of passion, don’t move into these two easily available alternatives: indulgence or repression. Just remain in the middle, and you are at a point where the door can open. It always opens in the middle. Buddha used to call his path “the middle path,” majjhim nikaya, because he said, “Everywhere excess is prohibited. Always choose the middle.”

The exact middle is the point beyond. If you can find the exact middle ground between two opposites, two rivals, you have gone beyond them, you have reached a transcendence. The transcendence opens just in the middle; the middle is the beyond.

When you are watching, standing like a witness at the sex center, energy moves upwards. Kundabuffer starts melting, and kundalini starts functioning. Kundalini is the right path, kundabuffer the wrong path - kundabuffer is functioning because we have lived so unconsciously for many lives that kundalini cannot function. Kundalini needs the fuel of consciousness. If that gas is missing, kundalini cannot function. Kundabuffer functions with unconsciousness. So it depends on you: if you go on supplying unconsciousness, kundabuffer will go on functioning; if you supply consciousness, suddenly your life turns. You start moving towards the interior of your being, a deep interiority arises.

A man who was extremely successful with mule teams was asked how he managed the stubborn creatures.

“Well,” explained the man, “when they won’t move, I pick up a handful of soil and put it in their mouths. Of course, they spit it out, but as a rule they start on.”

“Why do you think it has that effect?” asked the person.

“I’m not sure, but I think it changes the current of their thoughts.”

If you start witnessing, nobody knows exactly how your energy starts moving, but somehow it happens. Maybe it changes your current of thought. It is a great shock.

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