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Chapter 25: This Constant Hammering Within

Seven chakras, and with each chakra you are a different man. With the first chakra, the sex center, you are just an animal. Just an animal. Just above the animal but not far away - just on the boundary. Below you is the animal world, above you is the world of humanity, and you are just on the boundary. That’s why religions have been so against sex, because it is the highest point for animals and the lowest for man. If you remain centered at the sex center you are only the highest animal, nothing more.

When the energy moves to the second center, you become Man Number Two. New qualities develop in you. When energy moves to the third center, again more, new dimensions become open to you. And when the energy comes to the last, the sahasrar, you transcend humanity: you are no longer man. And unless man transcends humanity, he cannot find the ultimate.

Man must transcend himself. Only then is he fulfilled.

Nietzsche has said that the worst day in the world will be the day when man forgets about transcending himself. Man is just an arrow. If you remain at the bow you are useless. An arrow that remains at the bow is useless. Unless you leave the bow you are not really an arrow. At the sex center, man is just like an arrow at the bow. The journey has not yet started: ready to start, but never starting.

This night meditation, Tratak Meditation, is for all these things. I am trying to push your arrow to leave the bow. Once you leave the bow, you enter a different world.