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Chapter 5: I Sing the Glory of Forms

Ordinarily, you are wandering away from yourself, and every day you go on going farther and farther away. You go on moving toward the periphery, and you go on creating new peripheries to move into again. You move toward the horizon which is not possible to achieve - because the horizon exists not, it is just illusory. Only the center exists.

That’s why Kabir says, “Sadhu! - O monks! - go nowhere. God is here. God is where you are. Seek him not anywhere else, otherwise you will miss.” And the challenge is not coming from the outside, the challenge is coming from your innermost core, even if sometimes you may feel it is coming from the outside, because your innermost core has become almost an outside to you. You have become so unaware of it that when your own soul calls to you, you feel as if somebody else has called you. When the master calls you, it is your own inner voice that he is trying to express to you. It is coming via him. The master is not outside.

Just the other day there was a question, “When to listen to the master? When to say yes and when to say no?” If you have really understood the meaning of the relationship between a disciple and a master, then there is no disciple and no master. Then whenever you say no to your master, you say no to yourself. Then he is you. The question is not to be decided between the master and the disciple; the question has to be decided between your center and your periphery. When you say yes to the disciple and say no to the master, you have said yes to your periphery against your center. When you say yes to the master against the disciple, you have said yes to your center against the periphery. The master and disciple are not separate. We will come to it in this song.

Kabir says: These two birds, the master and the disciple. The disciple has decided to enjoy the world of forms, the manifold world of forms, the circumference; and the master sits at the center, at the center of the cyclone, and watches and witnesses - and is happy, happy even that the disciple is roaming around, enjoying. One day the disciple will come back; he has to come back because on the circumference there is no contentment possible, there is no bliss possible. There is only misery and misery and misery, and misery goes on becoming multiplied every day.

So the first thing to remember: you are being called. I’m a provocation. I am calling you forth. Listen to it; and not only listen, respond; and not only respond, accept the challenge for the journey.

The journey is arduous, it is going to be difficult. It is very inconvenient to go into the unknown because you have to move away from your securities, away from your comforts, away from all that you have belonged to up to now - your identities. But only when you move away from yourself you come to yourself. Because that which you think yourself to be right now is not your real nature. It is a deception that you have managed; it is a hallucination, it is an auto-hypnosis.

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