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Chapter 32: Truth Has to Wait.but Not to Wait Forever

But Jews have a very far-fetched philosophical idea behind it: they say when the child is born.and the genitals are the most sensitive parts. This is recognized by science, by physiology, that the genitals are connected with a certain center in the mind. Strangely enough, the center in the mind that is connected with the genitals is absolutely close to the center for intelligence, they are neighbors. And they have to be very close because there are seven hundred centers in your brain, so they are very close knit. Jews say that when you cut the skin of the small child, the shock goes to the sex center. But the shock is so much and the child is so delicate that the shock does not remain confined to the sex center; the shock goes to the nearby center, which is the center of intelligence. And intelligence gets a great impetus, which other children are missing, so they are far ahead of anybody else.

Now the rest of the world has looked upon circumcision as a superstition. The fact is the same, but now they are providing scientific fragments to support it. They also are not absolute proofs; that is why I say far-fetched. But Sigmund Freud also believed in them, and he didn’t have all these facts that I have, because at that time it was not known that the centers of sex and intelligence are very close. Neither was it known that sex is really in the mind and the genitals are only extensions, they are not really the sex organs. They can be bypassed, and you can enjoy a sexual experience without your genitals even knowing about it.

Sigmund Freud never inquired, never raised the question about the Jewish idea of circumcision - which he should have, because he was a Jew, and his whole work was with sexuality. His whole life was devoted to finding out everything about sexuality, but he bypassed circumcision, he did not talk about it. Others have laughed for centuries.

I have heard that one bishop and one rabbi lived opposite each other, and naturally there was great competition in everything. One day the bishop purchased a beautiful Chevrolet. The rabbi came out and he said, “A beautiful car, whose car is this?”

And the bishop came out with a bucket of water and poured the water on the car. He said, “I have purchased it.”

The rabbi said, “But what are you doing?”

He said, “Baptism.” He was a Christian Baptist. “Now the car is a Christian Baptist car - baptized.”

This was too much for the rabbi.

Next day, as the bishop woke up, he saw a beautiful Cadillac sitting in the garage of the rabbi. He was shocked, because the Chevrolet is a poor man’s car in America. The poor peoples’ neighborhoods are called “Chevrolet neighborhoods.” It is a rich man’s car in other countries, but in America the Chevrolet is a poor man’s car. But the Cadillac is especially Jewish.

The bishop came out and he said, “How could you manage it?”

The rabbi said, “God looks after his chosen few.” And he said, “Come on, because there is going to be a ceremony.”

The bishop said, “What kind of ceremony?”

He said, “Come inside.”

The bishop came into the garage, and the rabbi went into his house and brought out a big pair of garden scissors. The bishop could not believe what was happening? What kind of ceremony.? The rabbi started chanting some mantras in Hebrew, and then finally he cut the exhaust pipe.

The bishop asked, “What are you doing?”

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