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Chapter 2: The Head, the Heart, the Navel

Usually you eat your food and then you don’t think about it. The food enters the stomach by itself and the stomach does the work of digesting it. It is an unconscious center. It does its job, you don’t have to think about it. But some day be alert and think about it: now the food has reached the stomach, now it is getting digested, now this is happening, now that is happening.. You will find that on that day digesting your food has become impossible. The more thinking enters, the more there will be a disturbance in the unconscious process of the stomach. Such incidents rarely happen with food - except with those people who are obsessed with fasting.

If a person fasts for no reason, then gradually food will enter his thoughts. He will not eat, he will fast - but he will be thinking about food. This thinking is even more dangerous than eating. Eating is certainly not dangerous. Food is very essential for life, but to think about food is a sickness. When a person starts think-ing about food all growth in his life will stop. He will be obsessed with these futile thoughts.

This is what has happened with sex: we have forcibly shifted it from its proper center and now we are thinking about it.

In this way you have gradually handed over the functions of the three important centers of your life to the mind. It is just as if a man were to try to listen with his eyes or see with his mouth. It is as if a man were to try to see or taste with his ears. You would say that this man is mad because the eye is the mechanism for seeing and the ear is the mechanism for hearing. The ear cannot see, the eye cannot hear. If you try to do things in this way, the final result will be chaos.

In the same way man has three centers. The center of life is the navel, the center of feeling is the heart and the center of thinking is the mind. Thinking is the outermost of these three centers. The next center, deeper, is of feeling, and even deeper than that is the center of being.

You may think that if the heart stops then the life-energy will also stop. But now scientists have come to the conclusion that although the heart may have stopped beating, the person can continue to live as long as it can be restarted within six minutes. After the connection with the heart has ended, the life center at the navel remains active for six more minutes. If within those six minutes the heart can be restarted or a new heart be transplanted, the person can continue to live and there will be no need for him to die. But if life has gone from the navel center, then nothing will be achieved by putting in a new heart. The deepest and most basic center within us is the navel. So this morning I have talked a little about this navel center.

The humanity we have created so far is upside-down. It is as if man is standing on his head, doing shirshasana. A person doing shirshasana is standing on his head with his feet in the air. If a man were to do shirshasana for twenty-four hours, what condition would he be in? You can understand! He would certainly go mad. He is already mad, otherwise he would not stand on his head for twenty-four hours; he has no reason to. But in your lives you have reversed things - you are all standing on your heads! You have made the head the basis of your lives. Thinking and contemplating have become the basis of life.

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