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Chapter 13: Health Is a Function of Love

Things are going very well. Don’t be worried about the silence. One does because the whole society exists on talking, on language; and people who are very articulate in talking become very powerful in society - leaders, scholars, politicians, writers. One soon becomes afraid that one is losing one’s grip on language, but don’t be worried. Silence is the grip on godliness, and once you know what silence is, you have something to talk about.

Once you have gone deeper into silence, then your words carry meaning for the first time. Then they are not just empty words, they are full of something of the beyond. They have a poetry to them, a dance.they carry your inner grace with them.

But just wait and don’t force, because that will be very very destructive. If you don’t feel like talking, don’t - don’t say a single word that is not coming spontaneously. Don’t be worried if people think you are going crazy. Accept it. If they think you have become dumb, accept it and enjoy your dumbness! Laugh more and talk less!


I’m confused, somehow disconnected. Before the group I felt very good and free. Now I’m closed up. I have the feeling that I lost contact with myself.

There has been something.the group didn’t suit you. It sometimes happens and there is nothing to worry about. It will change within two days.

Tonight when you go to sleep put this [Osho hands him one of his plain white initialed handkerchiefs] on the navel, and by the morning you will feel almost back together again. This can happen to you many times, so keep this with you.

If one is not centered then one never feels dislocation and there is no problem. Once you have felt a little grounding, a little centering - and the connection is very fragile, bound to be in the beginning - any slight thing and there is a disruption.

So whenever you feel disorientated, disconnected, use this. In the night, put it on the navel and feel yourself going inside. Let your consciousness be near the navel, and by the morning you will be completely back at your center.


I would like to look for a farm somewhere in England or America that I could make into a center for meditation.

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