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Chapter 9: The Need for Authenticity

But religion can be certain because inner truths are not fragments. They are absolute in a sense: once you know them, you can be certain about them. There is no need to be certain, but you are certain. That feeling comes. It is just like when you fall in love. You never say, “I am probably in love.” When you are angry, you never say that you are probably feeling, anger. When anger happens to you, you are certain of it; when love happens to you, you are certain of it. If you say that you are probably in love, then you are not in love. With love, the certainty comes automatically. The more you move inside, the more certain you become. The more you move to the outer, the more probable.

The further a thing is from you, the more probable it will be, and the nearer to you, the more certain. When you come to the very center, it is absolutely certain. That’s why Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha is so certain; they are absolutely certain. And Einstein or any other scientist is absolutely uncertain. It is bound to be so. It is the very nature of the thing. The further removed something is from you, the less certain you will be about it.

When something happens to you at the very center of your being, there is no possibility of any uncertainty. You are absolutely certain that it is so. There is not even any need to be so certain - but you are.

Certainty is inner truth; probability is outer truth. Science will never be certain and religion will always be certain. That’s why religion appears to be very dogmatic. It is bound to be. But don’t try to enforce your certainty on others. That is irreligious.

An inner truth need not be believed, it only needs to be discovered. It is there already - you are it. And your inner truth is the only thing that can be truly known. Everything else will always remain probable.

If you allow me to say it, I will say that science is belief because it is always probable, and religion is knowledge because it is always certain. The only thing you can be certain about is your own self. If you cannot be certain even about yourself, you cannot be certain about anything else. If I am not certain that I am sitting here in this chair, then how can I be certain that you are here? You are removed from me; you may be just a dream. If I am uncertain that I myself am here, then I cannot be certain about you.

All certainty starts with me: I am here. It is possible that I may be dreaming that I am here and I am not really here, but even to dream I have to be. That one thing is certain. You may be a dream, but I cannot be a dream because a dreamer is needed. The further you are removed from me, the more uncertain you will be. I cannot be certain about you; I can only be certain about myself. That is the only thing - what Descartes calls “the indivisible truth.”

Science is belief. Religion is knowledge.

Jesus had a certain knowledge and Buddha had a certain knowledge. Yet their knowledge seems to be contradictory.

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