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Chapter 14: To Loosen the Bonds of Personality

It has happened that even without any goodwill, good happens - if you are filled with light and happiness. But much of goodwill is without the inner light and is dangerous for others. People who are engaged in service toward others without any inner sadhana create much mischief. The whole society is suffering from those mischievous people who go on serving others without in any way being realized in their own inner light. Remember this: the first thing is your own self-realization. Service is secondary. And don’t think that through service you can realize yourself. Through realizing yourself you can move into service, not vice versa.

It is impossible to help others till you have obtained some certainty of your own. When you have learned the first fifteen rules and have entered the hall of learning with your powers developed and senses unchained, then you will find there is a fount within you from which speech will arise.

These notes are written only for those to whom I give my peace; those who can read what I have written with the inner as well as the outer sense.

Remember this: It is impossible to help others till you have obtained some certainty of your own. Resist the temptation to help others. It is evil unless you have obtained some certainty of your own.

Don’t try to be a guru, don’t try to be a helper, because you will disturb, you will create more problems. Remember well that you cannot help, you cannot guide anyone unless you have got the inner light. When the inner light is there the help, the guidance, will flow from you.

But resist the temptation. The temptation is great, because the ego feels very fulfilled. Someone comes to ask your advice. There is temptation to give advice - without knowing what you are doing, without being aware that you don’t know. If someone asks you whether God is, you are not strong enough to say “I don’t know.” You will say something. Either you will say “Yes. God is. I am a believer,” or you will say “No, God is not. I am a disbeliever,” but in both cases you give advice. In both cases you confirm something that you don’t know.

Remember this - for the spiritual seeker a very basic, very significant point - confirm only whatsoever you really know. If you don’t know, it is better to say “I don’t know.”

Someone once asked Albert Einstein, “What is the difference between science and philosophy?”

His reply is one of the wisest. He said. “If you come to a scientist and ask a hundred questions, about ninety-nine he will say, ‘I don’t know.’ Only about one will he say, ‘I know. But this too is only relative knowledge: tomorrow it can change, it is not absolute.’

If you go to a philosopher and ask one question, he will give a hundred answers. And with absolute conviction that this is so! If someone says something else, he can be condemned to hell: “He is wrong!” That’s why philosophy leads nowhere: answers and answers and answers leading nowhere. Answering so much, and not even answering a single question because the basic thing is lacking: the philosopher is not strong enough to say “I don’t know.”

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