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Chapter 6: Nothing Is Lacking

Whatsoever you are, you go on trying to enforce it upon others. You would like everybody to be just an image of you. That gives you a very egoistic feeling - that everybody is imitating you, everybody is a carbon copy of you. And it puts you at ease - that everybody is like that. If somebody is free and you allow freedom and you yourself are not free, you will feel very much depressed by the comparison. That’s how repression has been perpetuated down the ages.

The parents were repressed by their parents, they have repressed their children, and these children will repress their children. And it is a chain, and it is very difficult to break it. Only rarely somebody gathers so much courage and becomes so individualistic that he jumps out of the chain.

To jump out of this chain is to jump out of the world. Then you are no more conditioned by anybody, and then you never condition anybody. Then you live in freedom and you impart freedom.

But you can give only that which you have. Being, you have not. How can you allow others? You are constantly finding ways and means how to destroy the freedom of the other, how to dominate, how to possess, how to command, how to force obedience. You are not at ease, you have not yet come home. You are not fulfilled, you cannot allow anybody else to be fulfilled. You are like a barren tree - you cannot allow other trees to have fruits, because that will hurt you very much.

You ask: “Why can’t we let one another be?” Because you are not. So start from the very beginning. First, be! First allow yourself to be, then you will be capable of allowing others also.

I can give you utter freedom. I have no discipline here to teach to you, because I have tasted utter freedom, and I know that if you can taste - even a little bit of it - your whole life will be transfigured.

You would like me to give you discipline. People come to me and they say, “Give us some discipline, give us clear-cut rules - what we should do and what we should not. You never give us clear-cut rules. You talk in vague terms.” It looks vague to them. I am talking in terms of freedom - it looks vague. They say, “You talk in an ambiguous way. We cannot decide what you mean. Why can’t you give us clear-cut ways? Why can’t you reduce whatsoever you want to teach? Why can’t you put it in a few commandments, like the ten commandments? Then it will be easy for us to follow and we will not be confused. Why do you confuse us?”

I am not confusing you, I am simply giving you total freedom - and of course, freedom is confusing. Confusing, because you have to decide every moment. I am not going to decide for you. Who am I to decide for you? Anybody who decides for you is a murderer. And you are in search of your murderers. You want somebody to take the whole responsibility.

That’s what you ask - clear-cut rules so that you need not be aware, so that you need not be responsive, so that you need not be responsible. Whatsoever happens you can look in the book of commandments and follow the book. By and by you can learn the book by rote, memorize it, and then you can function through the memory. And then there is no need to function through your center.

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