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Chapter 2: A Thousand Pound Sledge Hammer

To seek for marriage is to be dull; to seek for love is to be intelligent. Anything that gives you a false sense of security makes you dull, makes you less alert; anything that keeps the insecurity as it is - and life is insecure, love is insecure, everything is insecure - makes you remain alert. Because then you have to be alert every moment, you cannot depend on anything, you cannot go to sleep, you have to keep aware. Then life will have a deeper significance and life will become more natural - that is the meaning of living the life of Tao. Living life in insecurity is to live the life of Tao.

I am not against marriage, I am against the ugly institution that has evolved in the name of marriage. If marriage allows freedom and love to exist together, it is good but then marriage is totally different. Always be aware: never lose your freedom and never dominate anybody so that he or she loses his or her freedom. Freedom is the goal and freedom should be the very foundation of life. Love is beautiful when it flowers in freedom; when it flowers in a hothouse, closed from everywhere, it is simply a phony thing. It is not true and it cannot satisfy you. To be real the flower needs the storm, the lightning, the thundering, the clouds, the sun, the wind - it needs all these challenges to be real. When you protect it too much, in that very protection it loses all reality, it becomes pale, it becomes anemic; it is already dead before its death.

I am not saying that through love your life will become more secure - no, I am not saying that. Through love your life will become more insecure. But I am all for insecurity because through insecurity is growth. When you are secure you are in your grave.

Enough for today.