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Chapter 19: Step Aside, Let the Mind Pass

Death, if it happens with enlightenment, is a tremendous experience. On the one hand the man dies; on the other hand he achieves the totality of life.

When I touched my father’s seventh chakra, just on the top of the head, those who were perceptive, silent, meditative, may have experienced something strange happening. According to the centuries-old science of inner reality, a man’s life energy is released from the center, the chakra, at which he was living.

Most people die from the lowest chakra, the sex center. There are seven chakras in the body from where life can go out of the body. The last is on top of the head, and unless you are enlightened life cannot go out from that chakra.

When I touched my father’s seventh chakra, it was still warm. Life had left it, but it was as if the physical part of the chakra was still throbbing with the tremendous happening.

It is a rare happening. And in that moment it may have appeared to many that the small section on the podium where I was with my father’s body was in a different world. It was, in a sense, because it was on a different level. Just by his feet was my mother - and ten thousand sannyasins in Buddha Hall - that was the normal world.

But something abnormal had happened. The chakra was still warm, the body was as if it were still rejoicing in the phenomenon. If you had eyes to see, then this distinction was bound to be seen. It is good that the difference came to your vision. It is a difference of levels. The lowest is where most people are living, and the effort here in this mystery school is to bring everybody to the highest.

Slowly, slowly, moving from one center into another, you will also feel a few things within your body. For example, if you are existing at the sex center, you will find a subtle division - below the lower center and above the lower center. You can feel it, that in the body below it and the body above it there seems to be a division, because the lower body has no centers, no chakras. It is the same for anybody. Wherever he is, the body below the sex center remains the same; it is our roots in the earth.

But if your center changes, comes to a higher level - for example if your heart becomes your very life - you will see again that below your heart the whole body is separate, and above the heart the whole body is separate. Wherever your energy is, there will be a separation line.

When you reach to the seventh chakra, then the whole body is below it and there is no division. The seventh chakra is only in a sense in the body; otherwise it is above the body, as if a line touching your head is pulsing. Your whole body will become one, and for the first time you will see there are no divisions - and this you can watch.

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