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Chapter 16: Ride on the Wave of Harmony

Nitya means eternal and anand means bliss - eternal bliss.

And this is going to be your constant remembrance.to just feel as if you are eternal. In the beginning it is “as if.” By and by you become more and more aware that this is a truth. In the beginning you start with a hypothesis - as if - but soon glimpses start coming. So always remember that you are not the momentary but the eternal.not the changing but the unchanging.

If you see a flower, then in that flower there are two constituents: one, which is constantly changing - the body part, the form - and then hidden behind the form is the formless which is unchanging. Flowers come and go, the beauty, remains. Sometimes it is manifested in a form, sometimes it dissolves back into the formless. Again there will be flowers and the beauty will assert itself.then they will drop and the beauty will move into the unmanifest.

And the same is happening with human beings, with birds, animals, everything. We have two dimensions: the day part when we become manifested, and the night part when we become unmanifested - but we are eternal. We have been always, and we will be always. Being is beyond time and beyond change.

In the beginning just remember it is as if, then you will start feeling the reality of it.


I want to change.

That’s very simple - if you want to. If you don’t want to change then it is almost impossible, because change is not possible from the outside. Indications can be given, guidance can be given, but your cooperation will be needed.

This is my feeling: people think they want to change but they have not really thought about it, have not meditated upon it. If you really want to change then who is hindering you? There is no obstacle. But deep down we want to change and yet don’t want to; the mind is in a very confused state. We want to change if there is no risk, and that’s impossible. That condition - that there is no risk - makes it impossible to change, because everything has to be at stake, then only is change possible.

Change cannot be partial. Either it is or it is not - it can only be total. So the decision is between to be or not to be. It is a jump, not a gradual process. If you are really fed up with the life that you have lived, if you are really fed up with your old patterns that you have been repeating constantly, then there is no trouble.

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