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Chapter 3: The Most Eternal Things in Existence

Meditation has to change you so much that you become a different species, that even in a crowd my sannyasins can be picked out. They will have a radiation of their own, a silence of their own, a peace of their own. Their eyes will show it, their bodies will show it, their gestures will show it.

Meditation I cannot drop because that is what is going to transform you and bring you one day to bhagwata, godliness. Meditation is the way to godliness.

It is impossible for me to drop “Bhagwan.” If it was a title it would be very easy to drop it. If it was anything other than an experience, an existential state, it would be possible to drop it. It is impossible to drop it because now there is no distinction between me and it, so who is going to drop whom?

Secondly, even if it was possible to drop, I would not drop it. In your question you say, “because many people are prevented because of it.” That is the reason why I will not drop it: I don’t want those people to come to me who cannot come to me just because of a word. And for what do they need to come to me? In India there are nine hundred million people who are not Bhagwan - they can go to them.

Why do they come, or think of coming, to me? It is strange that they can go anywhere - everywhere they will find millions of people who are not Bhagwan and they can enjoy meeting them. If they want to meet me, they want to meet me because of “Bhagwan.”

But their ego is hurt. I will not drop it because I want them to understand that it is their ego that is hurt. If they want to come; they will have to drop their ego.

They will have to drop their ego. I have not to change myself for them to come to me - they will have to change themselves if they want to come to me. I don’t need them to come to me, I have no necessity. It is their desire to come to me, so they should pay for it.

It is a very strange demand, that I should change myself because they want to meet me; they should change themselves if they want to meet me.