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Chapter 9: You Need a Little Laughter

Insanity is the night part of man. It is natural, there is nothing wrong in it. When you can say to a madman that not only are you mad but I am too, immediately a bridge is made. And then he is available, and it is possible to help him.

So go, that will be helpful(and I am going with you.


Participants from the Tathata group are present tonight. Some of them come forward to speak to Osho.

Even though I’ve booked for all the available groups, I don’t want to change myself.

You want to change, and that is why you joined the group, but when things start happening you become afraid.

Growth is difficult. It hurts because something has to be dropped, because only then something new grows. Something has to be destroyed and only then something is created. A death, however small, is needed for a rebirth.

So you want to be reborn, but you don’t want to go through the pain - that is what is happening. You would like to have the whole sky; but you don’t want to leave the comfort of the home. That is why you think about that room of yours in Frankfurt - it is just symbolic. You are continuously worried about what will happen to it. Nothing is going to happen to any room. Nothing is happening to you, so what can happen to the room!

But it is not a question of the room. It is a question of security, of comfort and convenience. You have become accustomed to living in a shell, and whenever a fear arises that the shell may break, you shrink away, withdraw. And then you say that you don’t want anything, you don’t want to change. But you do!

So do the marathon as well, and really do it. Howsoever much it hurts, let it, and accept it, and soon you will see that a very beautiful feeling is arising out of that.


I know growth is good and that pain is part of it, but I still feel a resistance to it.

Pain is a part of growth and is very necessary. Nobody can grow without pain, so if you want to grow, you have to accept it. If you don’t grow, pain may not be there, but suffering will be. And that is the difference between suffering and pain.

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