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Chapter 6: This Rackety Town

He asked, “Who is Massan’s husband?”
She answered, “There is not real form of men and women.”

The difference and discrimination between men and women is only phenomenal, it is not authentic. It does not have a spirituality to it.

That’s why we now know that science can convert men into women, women into men. And there are thousands of people around the world who have changed their sex - just bored! One gets bored: a woman every day, a woman again - and again. A man - in the morning again you wake up a man. And one starts thinking, is there some way to change?

People change clothes, people change shoes, people change ties. Up to now it was not possible, but now it is possible - many, many more people are going to change their sex. For the first time, a man will be standing behind a woman’s body, or a woman may be standing behind a man’s body. And then they will understand what mystics have always been saying: that the inside is the same, only the window and its frame are different.

Your inner being is neither male nor female.

Listening to this,

He said.

or rather shouted - the Zen shout,

“Kwatz!” and asked, “Why then don’t you change and disappear?”

If men and women have no form. He is only a disciple, talking on a very much lower level, not understanding the higher standpoint of Massan.

She said, “I am not a god, I am not a demon. What could I change?”

I have come to the point which never changes. That which changes, I have left behind. Man changes, woman changes; everything that changes I have left behind.

At this, Kankei knelt down, and became the gardener of Massan’s temple for three years.

At another time, Goei went to Sekito and said, “If you can say a word, I will remain here; otherwise I will go away.”
Sekito simply sat there.

.not saying a single word - because silence is the only answer, it cannot be confined into a word. Sekito is answering, but the questioner is not able to understand that silence can also be an answer, that there are things which cannot be brought to the lower level of language, of words.

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