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Chapter 2: You Are the World

J. Krishnamurti is saying you are not a victim, you are a creator of this insane world; and naturally, you have to participate in the outcome of whatever you have contributed to it. You are participating in sowing the seeds, you will have to participate in reaping the crop too; you cannot escape.

To make the individual aware so that he stops throwing responsibilities on others - on the contrary, he starts looking inwards to see in what way he is contributing to this whole madness - there is a possibility he may stop contributing. Because he has to suffer too. If he comes to know that the whole world is nothing but his projection on a wider scale..

Because millions of individuals have contributed the same anger, the same hatred, the same competitiveness, the same violence, it has become mountainous. You cannot conceive that you can be responsible for it: “I may have contributed just a small piece.” But an ocean is nothing except millions and millions of dewdrops. A dewdrop cannot think that it is responsible for the ocean - but the dewdrop is responsible. Without the dewdrop there is going to be no ocean at all. The ocean is only a name; the reality is in the dewdrop.

To accept your responsibility will change you, and your change is the beginning of the change of the world - because you are the world. However small, a miniature world, but you carry all the seeds.

If revolution comes to you, it heralds the revolution for the whole world.

And when J. Krishnamurti says “You are the world” he is not saying it only to you; he is saying it to everybody:

You are the world.

If you want to change the world, don’t start by changing the world - that is the wrong way humanity has followed up to now:

Change the society, change the economic structure.

Change this, change that.

But don’t change the individual.

That’s why all revolutions have failed. Only one revolution can succeed, which has not been tried up to now - and that is the revolution of the individual.

You change yourself.

Be alert not to contribute anything that makes the world a hell. And remember to contribute to the world something that makes it a paradise.

This is the whole secret of a religious man.

And if every individual starts doing it, there will be a revolution without any bloodshed.

In Akbar’s life there is another incident.

He had built a very beautiful marble pond. He was bringing swans from Mansarovar, from the Himalayas. And he decided that in the pond there should not be water. This is the emperor’s pond - instead of water, there should be milk. Everybody in the capital was to be informed that just one bucket of milk, not much, from every house had to reach the palace early the next morning, before sunrise.

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