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Chapter 6: Symphony for a Seabird

This is how he had become positive! You can change the words, but deep down you remain the same. You can change the behavior, but deep down you remain the same. The real thing is how to change your being - not your behavior, not your words, not your clothes - how to change your being. A man of rules changes himself on the periphery. A man of understanding changes himself, then the periphery changes automatically. When the center changes, the periphery changes automatically; it has to change. But when the periphery changes there is no necessity for the center to change with it.

What can rules do? They can tell you what to do and what not to do, but they cannot change you, they can only change your actions, and actions are not you. Actions come from you, but you are deeper than your actions. Rules can change your behavior - behavior means your relationship with others - but they cannot change you. Only in your total aloneness are you your being, not in relationship.

And then Chuang Tzu says that natures differ.

One man came to me. He had been doing shirshasana - a yoga posture - standing on his head, the head-stand posture. It is written in the books that it is very beneficial, and because it is very beneficial he had been doing it for very long periods. Now he was in such an inner turmoil that he was almost going mad. So he asked me what had gone wrong. He was a man of rules, he followed Patanjali word for word: diet, sleep time, exactly as they should be. He was a very regulated man. So he could not think what had gone wrong. I asked him to tell me his whole routine. He did shirshasana for one hour in the morning, and one hour at night. And he was waiting, expecting that at any moment enlightenment would happen. It had not happened; instead he was going mad, he was crazy!

Shirshasana suits certain people. And the more idiotic a person is, the more it suits him. To a man of intelligence it is dangerous; the higher the intelligence, the more dangerous. Because it is not just a posture, it changes your whole body chemistry.

Man has attained intelligence but no animal has. Why? Because man stands on two legs - that is the whole point. If a child continued to walk on all fours, he would never become a man. He would never attain that intelligence. When your spine is parallel to the earth blood flows equally all over the body; it goes to the legs in the same amount as it goes to the head. Then the head cannot develop subtle nerves - it cannot develop a subtle nervous system. Your brain mechanism is subtle, very subtle, the most subtle thing in the world.

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