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Chapter 11: One Can Be Simply Religious

First, let me say to Mr. Frohnmeyer that the whole situation changes completely. His case becomes bogus against the city. His case was that city is being mixed with religion. There is no religion at all here.

Your actions today did have something to do with that church-state case that was brought by the.

No, it had nothing to do with it. It is just a byproduct by consequence of it.

Mr. Frohnmeyer, your response to that?

[Frohnmeyer: Well, the response is not to debate a lawsuit over national television but simply to say that time and law will tell.]

Are you saying.?

He has no answer. That’s why he is depending on time and court and other things.

But did you have that case in mind when you decided.?

No, I don’t. I don’t have that case in mind. You have raised the question, that’s why I am saying there is no religion here. And that makes it clear that attorney general’s case is simply finished. It has no grounds at all.

Osho and Attorney General Frohnmeyer: I appreciate both of you joining us tonight. It’s been very interesting.
I’m Charles Gibson in Washington for all of here at ABC news. Good night.

Good night, Charlie.

[apparent break in recording, then Gibson’s voice]

I’m still somewhat uncertain as to why he’s done what he’s doing tonight, but I most appreciate his being with us and I think this was interesting. Thank you.

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