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Chapter 2: Listen to the Message of the Rain

I had to convince him, “Don’t be worried. Whoever drums, I will continue to call ‘Nivedano.’” He was immensely happy. But I had promised only until that series ended. Poor Rupesh was beating the drum under the name of Nivedano.

Yesterday, the series changed. I thought, now it is time to call “Rupesh.” But somebody mistakenly wrote on my board the name Arup. I wondered for a moment, has Rupesh changed his name without even informing me? But there was no time. So I had to call Arup. And I could see the anger when Rupesh gave a beat to the drum.

I am sorry, Rupesh. Those drums are not responsible for it. Some drum is responsible, but the drums you are beating, they are not responsible. Today I will call “Rupesh” until this series ends. But please, be kind to the drums.

Now, Maneesha’s question:

I have just remembered that we are not human thinkings or human feelings - we are human beings. We are meant just to be, aren’t we? It is not a luxury that only some people can afford - it is really okay just to be, isn’t it?

Maneesha, whether you know it or not, you cannot be anything else than just be. There is no way of being anything else except what you are. A rose is a rose is a rose. However much it tries, it cannot become a lotus. And the same is true about the lotus; it cannot become the marigold.

Everybody has to be respectable and dignified in his own being. Your thinking is very superficial, the first layer, not essential.it can be changed; it changes continuously. Your feeling is also not very deep - a little deeper than thinking - but it can also change in a split second. You know that your thinking changes, your feelings change. But there must be something inside you that does not change.

That is your being, the unchangeable. Remain rooted in the being, then slowly, slowly you start growing in a totally different way than people ordinarily do. When people become more knowledgeable, more learned, their thinking is growing; when people become more emotional, sentimental, their feeling is growing - but they themselves remain the same.

If you know your being and remain without going astray, you will find a totally different kind of growing - not growing old, but growing up; not growing into something else, but growing more and more into yourself, being more and more you. And this brings great blessings, immense ecstasies.

Before we enter into ourselves, a little outside evening walk will do.

The zoo has hit upon hard times, and as the animals die, the director can’t afford to replace them.until he has a brilliant idea.

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