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Chapter 5: Vital Experiments in Meditation

Let me say a few more things before you stand up for the experiment. Those who are sick or weak can do it sitting; all the rest can do the experiment standing. If you do it standing, the results will be quicker; sitting, the results will not be so fast. Everybody who is standing should leave enough space around them - there is plenty of space here - so that if you are dancing you do not collide with anybody. But if you do collide, don’t be bothered about it.

There are two more things that I want to say. Before the experiment begins I will ask you to close your eyes, and they are to remain closed for the forty minutes. This should be your first firm resolve - to do this honestly. If you open your eyes even once, you will miss; the energy that would have accumulated within you will be wasted. Most of your inner energy dissipates through your eyes; hence your eyes have to be kept completely closed for forty minutes. Until I give the suggestion, you are not to open your eyes. There will be shouting, crying, dancing all around you and within you; you need not bother about it.

There may arise a desire to look, because the child within us does not die so soon. This inner child does not die as fast as one’s body changes. You may want to know what the next man is doing. For that reason I have called for a film crew. The film will be ready today, so we will show it at night and you can see who is doing what, so your curiosity will be satisfied, hence you will not worry right now who is doing what. You will be able to see everything in the film.

Spectators are not allowed to be here. If someone is here only to look he should go outside the campus, or he can go far to the back, but no one will be here as an onlooker. Anyone who is not participating in the meditation experiment has to leave; his presence will be a disturbance to all our friends here. He has to leave. When you are meditating the whole atmosphere is charged, and even one non-participant standing in the middle harms and breaks the chain of energy. Such a person is not needed here. Hence those who do not want to participate cannot stay here; they must leave quietly.

Remove all the chairs, because someone may stumble over them and fall over. Get up off the chairs and put them away.