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Chapter 6: Out of Chaos Stars Are Born

Scott Miller, NBC, Channel 8, Portland, Oregon; Tom Paulu, Longview, Daily News, Seattle, Washington, USA; Scott Miller, NBC, Channel 8, Portland

Things you’ve been saying have meant a lot of changes for your sannyasins. Specifically: wear any color you like, don’t wear your mala if you don’t want to. You got any other changes in mind for your sannyasins?

I don’t know.

Nothing right at the moment?

Anything is possible.

Nothing you’d like to share with us right now, though?


Why did you choose this moment? Why did you choose this moment when it would seem that you would need something to bind everybody together - like clothing and malas - to say, “Don’t worry about that any more, you don’t have to do it”?

This was the right moment to do it. I want my people to be absolutely free individuals. I don’t want them to be Rajneeshees. They have to be themselves.

While I was in silence, Sheela has compiled a book, The Book of Rajneeshism, which I am going to tell them to make a good bonfire. Then they burn it, they will invite you all, because with that book we are burning the whole idea of “ism”. I don’t want my people to be like any other ideology - communism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism. That was my whole standpoint from the very beginning. I want them to be on their own, individuals - free. no holy scripture for them, no system of beliefs for them, no god for them to pray, no messiah or savior for them to surrender to - because all these things have destroyed humanity in the past.

But what about all the rest of your books? You’ve got lots of them.

Those books are simply books, not holy books.

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