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Chapter 4: Emptiness

I would like to tell you one thing; maybe that will suggest something to you. To every one hundred girls, one hundred fifteen boys are born. And this has been a problem for biologists. Why does it happen? Always - to a hundred girls a hundred fifteen boys are born, and by the time of the age of marriage fifteen boys have died. So the proportion remains the same, because boys are weaker than girls and more girls survive. So nature has a balance. From the very beginning fifteen boys are extra, spare, because they will die. By the time the marriage season comes, one hundred girls will be there, and if only one hundred boys had been born then only eighty-five or eighty boys would be left, and twenty girls would be left without husbands. That’s not a good arrangement.

One hundred fifteen boys are born so that by the time the marriage age comes the number is the same. This cannot be solved - how nature arranges this, by what method, how this proportion..

And then, in the two world wars another problem arose, because in wars the proportion becomes very disproportionate. After the first world war and after every war more children are born than ever. That too is something. In war many people die; immediately nature has to make arrangements. Some unknown force, some unconscious force goes on working. After the war many children are born, but that too is not difficult to understand because it can be explained in other ways - maybe soldiers come back home very starved for sex and they make love more. That may be the cause of it. If that was the only thing, it could have been explained - but more boys are born than ever, and less girls are born, because in wars men die, women remain. More men die in wars than women, because all the soldiers are men, so the ordinary proportion of a hundred to a hundred fifteen changes. To a hundred girls almost three hundred boys are born.

There is a subtle balance somewhere. In fact, for each man a woman exists; for each woman a man exists - they are part of one whole. Whenever one man becomes enlightened, one woman has to become also. Because one man is freed out of existence, now he will not be coming back; he will no more enter into a womb, into the world. Somewhere one woman has to be relieved of the bondage. So this is my reading: as many men as women, the same number, have become enlightened, but women are not known because they don’t make a fuss about it. They enjoy it.

The last question:

You always say wait and see. Wait, I can understand. But how to see?

You need not worry about that. You simply wait and seeing will come to you. No need to worry about it. Waiting gives you insight. When I say “Wait and see,” I don’t mean that you have to do both. I simply mean wait and you will see. In fact, wait and seeing will come to you.