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Chapter 4: When Death Is Taboo, Fear Uncoils

I find you inaccessible - as a man. As a force I find you very powerful.

If you need me as a force, forget everything about me as a man.

But I think I need you as a man too.

Then the force will disappear.

But.you are both!

[laughing] But you can know me only as one.

I am both.

That is the problem of the human mind: if I am too accessible as man, many things that I can do for you will not be possible. This is how the human mind functions: it takes things for granted, and then the outer becomes the whole and the inner is lost.

It is very considerately that I have become inaccessible. I was very accessible, but then by and by I began to feel that I couldn’t help; it became almost impossible to help. For example, if I give you one hour, you talk rubbish; if I give you one minute you say exactly the thing that is needed - that’s how mind functions.

If I am available to you the whole day, I am not available at all. If you have to wait eight days or ten days, that waiting is needed for a certain tuning in yourself, for certain significant problems to arise.

Sometimes I see that if you have a problem and you can come immediately, you will bring me trivia. During the day there are a thousand and one problems arising - they are not significant, but in the moment they appear significant. If you have to wait just one hour, the problem changes; then you bring another problem. If you are allowed to bring all your problems you will be in a mess, because you yourself will not be able to know what is needed, what is significant. So this is part of the whole process.

Whenever I feel that you need me I will call you. Don’t be worried; leave it to me, mm? And use me as a force more and more.

This force I feel is my own.

Yes, it is your own.

.and I feel that the force is just a mirror reflecting my own being.

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