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Chapter 3: You Are Here to Be Yourself

The priest goes on compromising. He is not interested in the eternal, he is interested in something else. He is ready to compromise with you. These people go on destroying religion.

But in the natural course, every religion has to die. The changes that are brought by the rabbis and priests and the ministers are political changes, social changes. They are not religious. They only look at how they can go on holding their flock together. They are afraid to lose numbers, they go on compromising with the crowd. So if Adolf Hitler is in power, the minister blesses him.

Now this is strange.that a man who believes in Christ and his message blesses Adolf Hitler, or blesses some other country. He has to look for other things which have nothing to do with religion. These people bring many changes; those changes go on killing and poisoning the body of religion.

But real changes also are needed. And whenever a real change happens a new religion is born. Whenever these unreal compromises go on happening the old religion continues, dead, a corpse phenomenon - but it continues. It goes on stinking, but they go on putting patches on it. It is a dead body but they go on painting it. They go on pretending that everything is alive. Whenever real changes happen, whenever another message comes from the original source, a new religion is born.

Jesus brings a new message; Christianity is born. The Vatican goes on compromising. It is a dead Christianity now. It is good that it should go. If we are finished with dead religions on the earth it will be a great blessing to humanity, because when dead religions are finished, people start looking for new sources.

And I am happy that the new generation, all over the world, is finished with the dead stinking corpses, and is searching for new sources, new, alive sources. This search is one of the greatest phenomena of this century, and this search is becoming stronger every day.

Something great is going to happen. This search simply heralds a great future. Religion is going to happen to humanity again - as it had happened in Jesus’ time or as it had happened in Buddha’s time. Again man is getting ready to have a new religious consciousness, a new quantum leap.

Enough for today