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Chapter 22: Nothing Is Achieved without Danger

The desire to be transformed, the desire to be reborn in a spiritual dimension is dangerous. Dangerous in the sense that now you are leaving the path that is known, dangerous in the sense that now you are entering the uncharted, dangerous in the sense that you are now on a pathless path.

But nothing great happens if one is not ready to move into danger. Nothing worthwhile, nothing meaningful happens if one is not ready to stake his whole life on it. Unless you are ready to die for something, you cannot start living authentically. Only one who is ready to die can attain life.

The danger is worth trying. Nietzsche has said somewhere that his motto in life is “Live dangerously!” - because if you are not living dangerously, you are not living at all. “No danger” means no life. Only the dead are beyond danger.

Because of danger, we have become half-dead. Because of the fear of death, we have even become afraid of life. We cannot live, because to move into life is to move into the unknown - and religion is the most unknown dimension. To go to the moon is very difficult; it was impossible a few years ago, but man has gone to the moon. Man may go to other planets - that’s the adventure. Very dangerous, but nothing compared to religion. Why? - because in religion you are consciously moving into the inner space. About the outer space much is known but about the inner space nothing is known. Even those who have gone there, those who have known it cannot say anything about it.

Lao Tzu says: “Truth cannot be said, and if it is said, it is no longer the truth.” The ultimate cannot be named. If you name it, you have missed it. It remains inexpressible. Those who have gone to the inner space - and many have gone: a Buddha, a Jesus, a Confucius. Many have gone, but when they come back they are dumb, they cannot say anything about it. The experience is such that language is futile to express it. No map is yet available and never will be, no path is fixed.

The inner life is like moving in a wonderland. It is as if you are in a city and the city is constantly changing. The roads are changing, merging into each other. The houses are running around. Nothing is fixed: the city is a fluid city. Then no map can be drawn. Any map that is drawn is out of date the moment it is drawn because the city is constantly changing. No house remains constantly in one place. A street moves and meets another, a house moves from north to east. You cannot even find where your own house is. When you went to your office in the morning it was at point A, but it is no longer there. You can be certain of only one thing: that you will not be able to find it at A. It may be anywhere else.

If such a city, a fluid city, can be conceived, then you can have a glimpse of what the inner world is like. Life is a flux, existence is constantly changing. Nothing is fixed because nothing is dead. Only dead things are fixed. Alive means changing, constantly changing, river-like. That’s the problem.

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