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Chapter 8: Realize the Fruits

The root of this division is mind. If there is no mind, there is no division. Therefore, concentrate your mind on the universal consciousness which is your interiority.
Knowing that you are the perpetually blissful soul, always rejoice in this bliss within and without your very soul.
The fruit of detachment is knowledge, the fruit of knowledge is relaxedness, and the peace that descends from experiencing the self-bliss is the very fruit of relaxedness.
If each one of the aforesaid does not happen in succession, know that the previous one did not yield fruit. Abstention from the sense-objects is in itself the supreme contentment and incomparable bliss.
The root of this division is mind. If there is no mind, there is no division. Therefore, concentrate your mind on the universal consciousness.

Mind and concentration - these two points must be deeply understood. Xxx space’‘Mind’ is a must for life. Mind means the flow of thoughts, and all the time your mind is flowing within you. Take note of the first point, that mind is not a thing. Mind is a flow, not a thing. And this distinction is meaningful.

A stone is lying there, it is a thing; a waterfall is flowing, that is a flow. A thing that is lying there is static; what is flowing is changing every moment. Mind is not a thing but a flow, so mind is changing every moment. It is never the same even for a moment. It is like the changing river.

Heraclitus has said, “You cannot step into the same river again,” because when you step into the river the second time, the water into which you have stepped the first time must have flowed very far away. Similarly, the same mind cannot be found again - what has flowed away has flowed away. The whole time the current is flowing within, and standing behind this current we are seeing the world.

Thus the shadow of mind is falling on everything we see. And the changing mind, a mind which is divided into thousands of pieces, divides the whole world also.

So, the first thing, mind is an everchanging flow. Therefore it is not possible to know through the mind the one that never changes. If the medium of knowing is changing every moment, we cannot know that which never changes. Anything known through a changing medium will also be seen as changing. It is as if you are wearing sunglasses whose color goes on changing from red to green, from green to yellow, from yellow to white. The color of everything that you are seeing will also go on changing accordingly, because the medium used for seeing is being imposed on all that is seen.

Our mind is changing every moment. So we can only know through the mind that which is also changing; we can never know through mind that which does not change. And the ultimate hidden truth of this life is unchanging, it is eternal, it never changes, so mind is not the medium for knowing it.

All matter in the world goes on changing, it goes on changing like the mind. So through the mind the matter of the world can be known, but the universal soul hidden within the world cannot be known. For example, science uses mind for discoveries; science researches the world through the mind. Science will never be able to say there is a universal soul, it will always say there is only matter. The realization of a universal soul will never be available to science. Not because there is no universal soul, but because the medium that science uses for knowing is able to know only the changing, it will never be able to know the unchanging.

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