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Chapter 16: Only Idiots Are Consistent

I contradict because life goes on changing. If you ask me in the morning I will say, “It is morning”; if you ask me in the evening, do you want me to say it is morning just to be consistent? I will say, “It is evening.”

I say only that which is the case. It does not matter whether it contradicts anything said in the past. When it was said, it was absolutely true for the moment; what I am saying this moment is absolutely true to this moment. And there is no reason why you should bring those two different moments, two different situations together, and get unnecessarily puzzled that they are contradictory.

Do you remember your own childhood? Have you not been contradicting yourself by changing your clothes every year? If you were still in the same clothes you had when you were six months old you would be really cute and very consistent!

I do not think consistency is an intelligent value. Only idiots are consistent, because they cannot see the changing climates, they cannot see the changing details of life. It is changing every moment. The more intelligent you are, the more you will be changing with it.

I am not a logical person, I am existential.

One who is existential is bound to contradict a thousand and one times, yet his contradictions simply show his intelligence.

Have you ever been wrong?

Just this time, answering you.

How seriously do you take yourself?

I don’t take seriously either myself or anybody else - particularly you.

Why are only you enlightened and for example not me, or the pope, or the whole world?

Why are only you the journalist? why not me? why not the pope? why not Ronald Reagan? Do you think these are questions worth answering? That’s why I have to see them. Idiots are all around. One thing I must say: there was another man who was enlightened who died just a few days ago, J. Krishnamurti. Without him I am feeling alone.

The question of “Why?” you should ask yourself. Why are you miserable? Why are you sleeping when you have the capacity to be awake? Perhaps you are having a beautiful dream: perhaps you are making love to your neighbor’s wife, and you don’t want to be awakened.

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