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Chapter 18: Of Old and New Law Tables Part 2

Do you remember when you were a child, on what date, in what year you became young? You are changing every moment, and change is so continuous that you cannot make demarcations: on a certain date you became young, and on a certain date you became middle-aged, and on a certain date you became old, and on a certain date you died. But certainly you are changing.

One day you were so small that you would not have been visible to the eyes. You were just a sperm in the cell of your mother’s egg. Both were so small - almost invisible to the bare eyes. That was your first picture. If you are really making an album of your life, you should start from there. Nobody will be able to recognize that this is you; it will look just like a full stop.

Then you started growing, and in nine months’ time, in your mother’s womb, you passed through all the stages that humanity has passed through. The change was fast. From the fish, where life began, to Charles Darwin’s chimpanzee - all the stages the child has to pass through in the mother’s womb. Even if a picture of the first day of your life is presented to you, I don’t think you will recognize that “This is me.”

You are also a river; everything is a river. And Heraclitus is right when he says, “You cannot step in the same river twice,” because the river is changing; it is never the same, so how you can step in it twice? When you step the second time it is different water. That other water may have reached to the ocean, may have moved miles away, but certainly this is not the water in which you had stepped for the first time.

I agree so much with Heraclitus that I want to say to you that you cannot step in the same river even once! - because when your feet touch the surface, the water underneath is flowing. When your feet move a few inches deep into the water, on the surface the water is flowing. While your feet are moving towards the bed, the water has been flowing - it is not the same water that you had touched with your feet. Twice is too much; even once is not possible.

On the contrary, even simpletons contradict him.

If somebody says, “Everything is in flux,” standing by the side of a river, even simpletons, even idiots will contradict him.

They will say, “Yes, we can see that the river is changing, but what about the bridge, what about the mountain?” But the mountain is also changing.

The scientists working on Everest have found that it is still growing. It is still growing higher by one foot every year. It is the highest mountain in the world, but it is very young. Its growth has not stopped yet; it is not yet adult. It cannot vote!

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