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Chapter 4: The Art of Not Planning Life

Questions from “Quick” magazine, Germany.

Do you think the German chancellor is afraid of you?

Absolutely - otherwise there is no reason to make a law that I cannot enter Germany. I have never been in Germany; I have never committed any crime against German law. I have not even applied for any tourist visa, so from my side there has been no question of entering Germany. It must be his own phobia.

He is certainly afraid; that can be said categorically. And the reason for his fear is that the German youth is deeply in love with me. The German youth is finished with the politicians. The day Adolf Hitler died an ignominious death, German politicians died for the younger generation; all politics became ugly.

German priests are also afraid. They may be behind the chancellor in a joint conspiracy, because this is the first time in the whole of history that Christians are facing a man who is taking the youth, the very cream, the intelligent people, educated people, the talented people, out of their fold. Christians have been trying to do it for centuries around the world, but they have never been successful in changing the cultured, the educated, the intelligent, the talented. They have been successful only in changing the beggars, the starving, the orphans.

To change an orphan into a Christian or a beggar into a Christian is not much of a conversion, because the person is not going for Christianity, he is going against his poverty. The people who have come to me have not come against any poverty, they have come for a spiritual search, which the church has not been able to provide. To change a Hindu into a Christian, or a Jew into a Christian, or a Buddhist into a Christian, is an easy job; it is simply changing the prisoner from one prison to another prison.

I have taken you out of the prison into the open sky.

I don’t have any prison to give to you.

The politicians are afraid, the religious heads are afraid - and it is a good sign. It means that we are winning and they are losing. People become afraid only when they are losing. Why should the German chancellor be so afraid? I was not coming into his country, but he is as afraid as if he is living in my country.

I will come to Germany, because the law is absolutely illegal, criminal. My sannyasins are going to fight it in every court of law, and I will come triumphant into Germany and challenge the chancellor to face me openly before the public.

He has taken a very idiotic step. He will repent for it.

There is no way for the people of East Germany to come to Crete. Are you going to visit them in East Berlin?

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