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Chapter 60: Liberate Yourself from Yourself

Tantra teaches only to transcend craving. It is irrelevant what you crave - that you crave is the point. You can go on changing the objects. You crave money, you crave power, you crave prestige - you crave for the world. Then you change. You get fed up with it, you are bored. Or, you have attained whatsoever you craved, and now you are not fulfilled; you feel frustrated. You start a new craving.

Now you crave the divine. You crave moksha, nirvana, liberation - now you crave for the god. The object has changed; you have not changed - your craving remains the same. It was running after prestige and power and money. Now it is running after divine power. It is running after the ultimate, moksha, the absolute freedom, but the craving is there.

Ordinarily, religious people go on changing their objects of desire. Desire remains the same, unchanged. And it is not the objects which create the problem; it is the desire, the craving, which creates the problem. Tantra says it is futile to go on changing objects. It is wasting time and life and energy. Changing objects won’t help - drop craving. Don’t crave. Don’t crave for freedom, because craving is bondage. Don’t crave for the divine, because craving is the world. Don’t crave for the inner, because craving is the outer. So it is not a question of transcending this craving or that - simply drop craving. Don’t crave, don’t desire. Just be yourself.

When you don’t desire, what happens? When you don’t crave, what happens? You are non-moving; all movement ceases. You are not in a hurry to reach anywhere. You are not serious. There is no hope and there is no frustration. You don’t expect anything; nothing can frustrate you. There is no desire; you cannot be a failure. Of course, there is not going to be any success either.

When you are not craving, not desiring, what happen? You are simply left alone, moving nowhere. There is no goal, because craving creates the goal. There is no future, because craving creates the future. There is no time, because craving needs time to move. Time stops. Future drops. And when there is no craving, mind drops, because mind is nothing but craving, and because of that craving you have to plan and think and dream and project.

When there is no craving, everything drops. You are simply in your purity. You exist without moving anywhere; inside, all ripples disappear. The ocean remains, but the waves are not there. This is what divineness is for Tantra.

So look at it in this way: craving is the barrier. Don’t think of the object, otherwise you will be deceived by yourself. You will change one object for another, and then time will be wasted. Again you will get frustrated, and then you will again change the object. You can go on changing objects infinitely, unless you realize that it is not the object which creates the problem, it is your craving. But craving is subtle and the object is gross. The object can be seen, and craving can be seen only when you go deep down and meditate upon it; otherwise, craving is not seen.

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