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Chapter 4: Unless You Create Your Face

See it! And see it immediately, without the interference of thought. Don’t have any image of the person you love. If you love me, don’t have any image of me. There is no need. Just look into me as I am. The image will not allow you to see who I am. Don’t have any image of the person you love; the person is enough. The truth of the person is enough whatsoever it is. And don’t have any image of yourself, just be true, authentic, as you are. And there will be relationship. Then there will be a response. Then two realities will respond to each other. And when realities respond there is great harmony, melody, joy. There is great beauty.

Don’t have any image of me, don’t have any image of your husband, don’t have any image of your son, don’t have any image of Jesus, and don’t have any image of God. If you can drop all your images, you will enter into a totally different dimension - the separate reality, the other shore. Approach truth imageless, thoughtless, nude, empty, uncovered. And the response will come out of your being of its own accord.

You ask me: “What happens in and with the relationship between two partners if their egos drop?”

Then love happens, then ecstasy happens. Then that very relationship becomes sacred, it becomes a shrine. And through that door you can reach to God. You have to grow more and more towards the state where the “I” is not present at all.

This is the goal of all love, and this is the misery of all lovers. Because they want this to happen and it doesn’t happen, then there is great misery, then they feel cheated, then they feel frustrated. Then they start thinking of changing the partner.

Every day some couple comes to me and says “We would like to change the partners. Enough is enough. We are tired.” But what will you do? You will do the same with the other person. It is not going to make much difference. Maybe for a few days, the fantasy, the romance, the honeymoon, and again.. And they know it - because they have done it before too. And they nod their heads in agreement. And they say “Yes, that’s true. I have been doing this to many women. But what to do? I am stuck again.”

Rather than changing the partner, rather than dropping your woman or man, drop your ego. Dropping that ego, a different quality starts taking shape in your life, a different light, a different vision. And things settle in that vision. With that light coming in, all old miseries and conflicts and anguishes disappear.

The same energy that was becoming conflict starts becoming your joy. That’s what Jesus means when he says: Don’t go on squandering your energies in fighting, anger, objecting.

Veetmoha’s mother has come here, a beautiful old woman. She has heard me - I think only once, yesterday. And she was puzzled about one thing. She told Veetmoha “What is the matter? I like what Osho says, but nobody objects! Whatsoever he goes on saying, people listen. Nobody is objecting, what is the matter?”