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Chapter 7: A Dry Soul Is Wisest and Best

Chanting a word continuously without awareness, you regress. If chanting is to be done, then with awareness it has to be done; you are to remain a witness. If you are chanting Aum, Aum, Aum, you have to remain a witness to it. The chanting should be done by the body and you should remain a witness. If the witness is lost, the chanting is alcoholic - it has become an intoxicant. And there are other ways. A politician is on a drug trip. Power, prestige - they are alcoholic. So whenever somebody reaches power, he is no longer in his senses. Power corrupts and corrupts absolutely - because power is a drug. When you are powerful you are no longer in your consciousness. Then you start doing things you would never have imagined. You cannot yourself believe that you can do such things.

Read Adolf Hitler and his life, what he did. And he never smoked, he was against alcohol - he was a perfect sannyasin! Early in the morning he would get up, early in the night he would go to sleep; no smoking, no drinking.vegetarian, not a meat-eater. And what he did! Such a perfect Jaina you cannot find anywhere, and what he did! But he was taking the greatest drug. That’s why there was no need to smoke cigarettes - they are nothing. There was no need to drink, because he was already drunk with power.

Those who watched Adolf Hitler, they say when he started to talk, soon everybody there felt that there had come a transfiguration. When he would start he was Adolf Hitler; by and by, he would become completely unconscious, as if mesmerized by his own talking: his eyes no longer showing any aliveness, as if he was not there, as if somebody else had taken possession - possessed! And then his possession and his alcoholic state, his “moisture,” would immediately infect others. He could create madness very easily. He was so neurotic, and such a charismatic neurotic, that whosoever would come around him would become neurotic; he was a magnetically neurotic man. His own alcohol was overflowing, and people would become intoxicated - that’s how he led the whole German race towards suicide.

Power is a drug, the greatest drug the world has ever known. And this is beautiful: politicians are always against drugs, and they are the greatest drug takers, on the greatest drug trip! But you can make your own private drugs also. Wealth: just look when a person is achieving riches - he is no more there, absent completely! He moves, he works hard, but he doesn’t know what he is doing. He is completely unconscious. And then there are private drugs. You can become a painter, you can become a poet, and that can become your trip. Anything in which you forget yourself, anything in which you lose consciousness, anything in which you become so identified - whatsoever you are doing - that the witnessing is lost, is a drug. And Heraclitus calls this the moist state. And:

Souls take pleasure in becoming moist.

No effort is needed, no strain, no facing of the reality. You simply hide. You hide, you escape, you close your eyes, just like an ostrich. And when you are with closed eyes, you cannot see anything - you are happy. This is all that you call happiness. But this happiness cannot last - it is momentary.

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