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Chapter 18: Existential Worship

Choose your work, not according to others - let it arise out of your own heart. In any act, if your heart joins you, it becomes worship. If only the head is doing it, then it remains simply work. And when you are totally immersed in it, it brings so many blessings, blessings that no religion has been able to give to man. On the contrary, every religion has prevented man from gaining those blessings which are available to him. They have been distracting people, they have been telling silly things to people: “Repeat a mantra - in Sanskrit, in Hebrew, in Greek - and you are doing something religious.” You are just being a parrot!

All the religions have insisted that their books should not be translated into the languages which people understand. Why? because the priests know perfectly that in those so-called holy books, nothing is holy. Ninety-nine percent in those books is absolutely unholy. How that one percent has remained in them is a miracle, it must have been accidental.

So it is good to let the Bible remain in Hebrew, let the Vedas remain in Sanskrit, let Buddhist scriptures remain in Pali - which are dead languages. Nobody speaks them and nobody understands them, and people will remain ignorant of what they are chanting about. Sometimes people are chanting very stupid things, and thinking they are doing prayer, worship.

For example, in the Vedas there are passages - and not a few, but the major part of the Vedas, which are the most ancient scriptures in the world.the major part is so ugly, stupid, primitive, crude, that if you understand it, you will not chant it.

There are sutras which say, “God, let your clouds only shower on my fields. Particularly avoid the fields of my enemies.” Do you think anything is religious in it? There are sutras which say, “God, give more milk to my cows, and let the cows of my neighbors become completely dry, so that no milk comes out of them.” And these sutras you are chanting as worship, praying!

First, religions insisted that their books should not be translated into the common, layman’s language. Then, when printing was invented, they insisted that their religious scriptures should not be printed - because to print them meant they would become available to everybody, and the priests knew what is there in those so-called holy scriptures!

In The Holy Bible there is so much pornography that anybody who looks into it will call it the Unholy Bible, not the Holy Bible.

And when you are chanting something - Ave Maria, Ave Maria, Ave Maria - what actually are you doing? It is a simple process of autohypnosis. It can be done in many ways. Concentrate on anything. Just standing before a mirror, concentrate on your own reflection in the mirror. No Ave Maria is needed: you will start feeling sleepy, you will start feeling calm and quiet. Just after ten or twenty minutes of concentration you are bound to fall into an autohypnotic state.

It does no harm. On the contrary, it will give you a good rest, it will give you better health, it will give you good sleep. But that is not the purpose of worship. That can be attained by anything.

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