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Chapter 6: Your Problems Are All Bogus

Now what is the reason of it? If you understand, you will understand that this was a way to break down his ego. When ego is gone, trust arises.

Sannyas is just a method, a means, to see whether you can come with me. I have made it almost difficult for you.rumors about me all around; I go on helping them. And I will tell you also to create as many rumors as you can. Don’t be bothered about truth; create rumors. People who will be able to make contact with me in spite of the rumors will be the right people - daring, courageous. Much is possible for them.

So the first thing, chaos is created here very knowingly. So don’t think that it is some sort of a problem. No, it is a device.

And don’t go and ask anybody about the chaos, otherwise he will think that you are going mad. Don’t go to a psychiatrist and ask him, because the whole of psychiatry, psychoanalysis, has been trying to help people in a very, very wrong way. They try to make you an adjusted being. Here my whole effort is to break all your adjustment. What I call “creative chaos” they will call “maladjustment,” and they want everybody to become normal, without ever thinking who is normal.

The society, the majority, the mob is normal? Where is the criterion? Who should be thought of as the norm? There is no criterion. In India something will be thought normal. The same thing will not be thought normal in China. Something which is thought normal in Sweden will not be thought normal in India. Each society believes that the majority of the people are normal. It is not so. And to force a person to adjust with the crowd is not creative; it is very deadening.

Adjustment may be good for those who are dominating the society, but it is not good for you. Every society has been using priests, teachers, psychoanalysts to put rebellious people back, force them back into the so-called normality and adjustment. They all serve the establishment, the status quo. They all serve the class which is dominant.

Now they are doing the same in Soviet Russia. If somebody is not a communist, he is maladjusted. They put him into the mental hospital; they hospitalize him. They treat him. Now not to be a communist in Soviet Russia is a sort of illness. What nonsense! But they have power: They will give you electric shocks, they will brainwash you, they will give you tranquilizers so you become dull. And when you have lost your radiance, your radicalness, when you have lost your individuality and you have become faceless, they say of you, “Now; you are normal.”

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