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Chapter 2: Jesus Is Very Paradoxical

The man said, “Home? Say, ‘To your palace.’” He was still Alexander. It is so difficult if you have become Alexander! To be treated is very difficult, because even if you are treated and you become well, what is going to happen is that you are going to lose.

One general heard of a captain who was always drunk, so he caught hold of him. The man was very good - drunkards are almost always good, they are beautiful people, just taking a shortcut - so the general said, “You are a good man and I appreciate you, and everybody loves you, but you are wasting yourself. If you can remain sober, soon you will become a colonel.”

The man laughed and he said, “It’s not worth it, because while I am drunk I am a general already. So it’s not worth it: if I remain sober I am only going to become a colonel, and while I am drunk I am always the general!”

There is too much involved in the illusion. How can this man let go of his illusion? He has become a general so cheaply.

The mind finds shortcuts, and illusions are the shortcuts; maya is the easiest and the cheapest thing to achieve. Reality is hard, arduous: one has to suffer and pass through fire. The more you pass through fire the more seasoned you become; the more seasoned, the more valuable. Your divinity cannot be purchased in a market, and cheaply; you cannot bargain for it, you have to pay with your whole life. When your whole life is at stake, only then does it happen.

You fight with others because this is an easy way. You think you are good, the other is bad, and the fight is outward. If you look at yourself then the fight becomes inward: you know you are bad, it is difficult to find a more devilish man than you. If you look within then you find you are absolutely bad, and something has to be done. An inner fight, an inner war starts.

And through that inner conflict - and it is a technique, remember, it is one of the greatest techniques that has been used through the centuries - if there is inner conflict, then you become integrated. If there is inner conflict, then beyond the conflicting parties a new center of witnessing arises. If there is inner conflict, then energies are involved, your total being is in turmoil: chaos is created and out of that chaos a new being is born.

Any new birth needs chaos; this whole universe is born out of chaos. Before you are really born chaos will be needed; that is the war of Jesus. He says: “I have come not to give you peace.” Not that he has not come to give you peace, but not the cheap peace that you would like to be given. Now try to understand his words:

Jesus said:
Men possibly think that I have come to throw peace upon the world, and they do not know that I have come to throw divisions upon the earth - fire, sword, war.

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