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Chapter 9: Jesus: What Was His Crime?

Jesus brings disorder, chaos, because he knows that unless your periphery is in disorder, you will not be able to move towards your innermost core. When your periphery is in disorder, there is no way to go except within. When outside there is disorder and anarchy, where do you move, where do you go, where do you search and seek for a home? - you start moving inwards, you come to your center. When you think that everything is okay outside, nothing is wrong, who bothers to go in? Only when the outside life is in chaos is the inner life born. The inner life is possible only in an outer chaos.

All great religious people are rebels; they have to be. They have to destroy your illusion of order so that you can come to seek and search for the real order. It is what Lao Tzu calls the Tao. “Tao” means the real order which is not man-made, which is just part of reality, intrinsic to it. It is not the laws that man has managed to make, but the law out of which man is born. Remember, there are many man-made laws, but there is only one law, the Tao; what Buddha calls the dhamma.

Jesus brings disorder to make you alert. He is like an alarm he wants to awake you but you feel offended. He disturbs your sleep, and maybe you were having a beautiful dream. He disturbs your dream. You want him not to disturb you. And yet there is a deep attraction because his call appeals to your depth; it is from depth to depth. Your mind says no, but your innermost being starts saying yes - that is the fear. The Jews were not afraid of what Jesus was saying, the Jews were afraid because they were feeling, deep down, an attraction, a call, an appeal. By murdering Jesus they defended themselves. They defended their own periphery against their own center. Or, you can say, they defended the man-made order against the God-made order. They defended the law of Moses against the law of God himself. That’s what is meant when Jesus says, “Moses brings law to you, I bring love.” Love is the Tao.

Have you watched? - love is the most undisciplined and yet the most disciplined thing in the world; the most anarchic and yet the most disciplined thing in the world. When you love a person you don’t follow any rules; all rules are thrown overboard. When you love a person, rules are not needed. They are needed only when you don’t love a person. But then love brings its own rule, then love brings its own order. If you love me, then that very love brings a certain discipline. If you don’t love me, then rules are to be forced. In old Indian scriptures it is said that whenever there is a master, there is discipline. It is not that he forces discipline; just his presence and the love that he creates around him, brings its own discipline. Love has no discipline, and yet, love and only love has the real discipline. When Jesus says, “I bring love to you,” he means: I bring a certain discipline of the innermost being, of the center.

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