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Chapter 2: God Is an Insult to Man

And the astrologers suggested, “If you want him to be prevented from enlightenment, then make every comfort and luxury possible for him. He should grow up in luxury, indulgence. He should not see anybody old, anybody dead. Even the flowers which are going to fall down should be removed before he sees them. All pale leaves which are going to fall should be removed. And he should be made to live in different palaces in different seasons so he never comes to feel any season is a trouble.”

So three palaces were made in different places: one for the summer, one for the winter, one for the rain. And great gardens were created around the palaces. And his father collected all the beautiful girls from his kingdom. They were Buddha’s concubines. He was surrounded with women, music, wine, for twenty-nine years. He has a wife and a son. And he can become enlightened.

I don’t have a son, I don’t have a wife, I don’t have concubines, I don’t even have a girlfriend. And I don’t have character? And Buddha has character? No man has indulged more than Gautam Buddha. What character?

When he become enlightened. He used to have five disciples before his enlightenment. They were disciples because he was an ascetic. He was torturing himself, fasting and had become just a skeleton. And these five disciples were immensely impressed by his self-torture. The whole of humanity lives in this idea: if you torture yourself you are a saint.

The day he became enlightened, he dropped all self-torture, it was absolutely useless. All his five disciples left him immediately: he has fallen, fallen from saintliness. He has become enlightened, and those five disciples who had been with him for many years, respecting him as a great saint, just left him. “He has fallen. He has started eating, he has started having warm clothes.”

Perhaps these Buddhist scholars don’t understand anything at all except the scriptures.

Character arises out of enlightenment, it is not vice versa. It is not character that produces enlightenment, otherwise enlightenment will have a cause to it. Enlightenment is your nature; it has no cause. It is already there, you just have to discover it. It does not matter what kind of character you have. If you go inwards the sinner will find the buddha just as much as the saint. And only after you have found your enlightenment, the radiation of the enlightenment becomes your character, your sheel.

Your enlightenment becomes your innocence, and out of that innocence arises wisdom. But wisdom is not knowledge, it is simply transparent clarity about everything, inner or outer.

But these knowledgeable idiots simply prove something that I have been continuously telling you: don’t get involved in scholarship, don’t get involved in knowledgeability. That is the greatest barrier to enlightenment, because you are so full of knowledge, and all knowledge is of the mind.

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