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Chapter 9: The Master Gave Me Eyes

Sahajo says: In a dream, in one moment
Fifty years can pass.
When the eyes open it is all illusion;
Such is living in the body.

The world is like the last morning star.
Sahajo says: It is fast disappearing
Like a pearl of dew,
Like water held in the hollow of your hands.

Out of castles of smoke
The mind creates its kingdom:
It is all phantom shadows.
Sahajo says: It can never be true.

God is one, with or without attributes -
I have thought, understood and seen.
My master has given me eyes,
Having seen, I am convinced.

Sahajo says: The divine has many dimensions,
It is the manifest, it is the unmanifest;
In their nature, water and ice are one,
sun and sunshine are one.

By the grace of my master, Charandas,
All doubt has vanished,
All words and arguments dissolved,
Sahajo is left, natural.

Ordinarily, you think that an irreligious man doubts and a religious man trusts - but a religious man also doubts and an irreligious man also trusts. A religious man trusts in God and doubts sansara, the ordinary mundane world; an irreligious man trusts sansara and doubts God. The amount of doubt and trust is equal in both of them, there is only a difference in the direction. If trust goes in the wrong direction, then man will go astray. And even if doubt goes in the right direction man will experience truth. You will not experience truth only through trust, nor will you go astray through doubt - it all depends on the direction. All religious people doubt the reality of the world, and all irreligious people trust this reality. So don’t think that you can know only through trust, otherwise even atheists would have known. And don’t think that you will go astray by doubting, otherwise even theists would have gone astray.

Neither does doubt hinder, nor does trust take you to the ultimate. Even doubt, in the right direction, will help you to arrive, and even trust, wrongly directed, will help you to go astray. Ultimately, it is the direction that is important.

An atheist and a theist are of the same type: an atheist is standing on his head and a theist is standing on his feet. The atheist is standing upside-down - he trusts where doubt is needed and he doubts where trust is needed. That’s why any atheist can become a theist and any theist can become an atheist within a moment. How long does it take for you to go from a headstand to standing on your feet? How difficult is it to go from one to the other?

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