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Chapter 10: Out of the Mud and the Mire

A man may become very much fed-up with the whole thing called analysis. That very fed-upness with analysis, may create a new awareness in him. He may get bored. One day he may understand that enough is enough. Rushing from one psychotherapist to another psychotherapist, from one school to another school, a time comes when one thinks that now it is enough, one need not bother about it. It doesn’t matter. In that indifference something is possible.

Or, something is possible through the magnetic personality of the therapist. My own understanding is that the therapist helps more than the therapy. If the therapist has a charisma - as Freud had, Jung had, Adler had - if the analyst has a charisma, a magnetic personality, a certain kind of presence, that helps, that is therapeutic. That is why it happens again and again that when the therapist is alive, it works; but when the therapist is gone, by and by it disappears. The therapy works no more.

Psychoanalysis died with Sigmund Freud. It was his charisma not analysis itself. Freud had a certain magnetism of personality, something that is very mysterious. One has it or one does not have it. Whatsoever he was doing would look meaningful, because he put the meaning into it. When a man of charisma, magnetic energy, does anything, that thing seems to be very important. In another’s hand it may become very ordinary, mediocre. that’s what it became.

Jung helped people not by what he was saying, not by what he was analyzing, but just by what he was.

But therapists are as yet unaware of the fact that it is the personal factor that helps - not the theories and the dogmas and the principles. It is something mysterious, the personal factor, that helps.

Have you watched it sometimes? You are ill and your doctor comes. And the moment he enters the room you start feeling good. He has not given you any medicine yet, he has not even diagnosed what kind of illness you have, he has not even touched you. He just enters. The moment you know your doctor has come, your physician is there, something that was a worry disappears. You need not worry. The tension is there no more. Now the doctor will take care. If the doctor has some personal aura in him, even while he is testing you, taking your blood pressure and your pulse, you have already started to be healed. Before he prescribes any medicine you are fifty per cent healed. The medicine may not do much but the doctor has done much. It is your confidence in him, your trust in him, his personal aura, his certainty - “Don’t be afraid. Now I am here.”

Psychotherapy has not yet become fully alert of the phenomenon that it is not the therapy that helps but the personal factor. The person may not be aware himself that he is functioning as a healing force. If you understand me rightly, it is always God who heals. God is the only healer. If somebody is alive, flowing, then God flows through him. Psychotherapy has yet to understand this magic, this mana, this energy.

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