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Chapter 3: The Bee Has Received Its Invitation

God created woman after he created man, because woman can be created only afterwards. First you have to create the crude energy and then you can refine it. Refinement cannot come first. And in this allegory there is a message - that every man has to become feminine before he reaches to the seventh. This is at the sixth center. In yoga, the sixth center is called agya chakra - it means the center of will. Agya means order, commandment. It is the most powerful center, the sixth, and many become stuck there. Then they go on playing with spiritual energies and go on doing foolish things. At the sixth center, man has to turn into a woman and his whole will has to be used for only one thing - and that is, he has to will surrender. To will surrender is the greatest thing in the world; and this can be done only if you have willpower - not ordinary, extraordinary willpower.

Ordinarily, you think people who surrender are weaklings - you are wrong. Only very strong people can surrender, surrender needs strength, great strength. If you surrender out of weakness, your surrender is meaningless, impotent. If you surrender out of strength, then your surrender has meaning, significance. At the sixth center, when will comes to its ultimate focusing, surrender is possible. Out of will is created surrender: out of man, God created woman.

At the sixth center.now if you ask the brain surgeons they will also agree with me - they say the brain is divided into two hemispheres: man and woman, the left and the right. The left brain is male and the right brain is female. The right brain is connected with the left hand; that’s why the left hand is not appreciated - even condemned. The right hand is associated with the left brain - hence, right seems to be right and left seems to be wrong. It is a man-oriented world, male-dominated world. Right hand is the symbol of male, left hand is the symbol of female. And your head is divided into two hemispheres.

A poet functions from a different part of his head than a logician. A poet is more feminine. It is not just a coincidence that if you look at great poets you will find great femininity, grace, beauty, a charm, a tremendous attraction, a charisma, feminine charisma. If you look at painters you will find them a little effeminate; their dress, their long hair, their way of walking, is more feminine.

Have you ever heard of a bodhisattva the Chinese called Kuan-Yin? In India, there was a very compassionate bodhisattva or Buddhist saint. But when Buddhism reached China, it seemed strange to the Chinese that a man should be so compassionate. So they thought that the saint must be a woman! And so they depicted the saint as a woman and worshipped him as a woman, down the centuries.

The story is of tremendous import. Buddha looks more like a woman than like a man - his face, his grace. The sixth center has been surrendered. Logic has been surrendered to love, argument has been surrendered to feeling; aggression has become reception. conflict has turned into cooperation. Now there is no struggle between the part and the whole; the part is flowing with the whole, the part is in a let-go - the whole has possessed it.

That is the meaning of the Christian allegory that God created man first, and then woman out of man. This is to pay tremendous respect to feminine qualities: they are higher than man, they come out of man, they flower out of man. And then, on the seventh day, God rested. What else can you do when you have come home? Sahasrar is the center of rest, absolute rest - you have arrived; now there is nowhere to go.

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