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Chapter 24: Charisma: A Taste of the Divine

It was said about Jesus by his contemporaries.. Jesus was not educated, was not cultured - he was a poor man, a carpenter’s son. His father could not afford to educate him. But people were amazed: he could not read, he could not write, but when he spoke there was no comparison. Then the greatest rabbis of that day, the great scholars, great orators, great religious leaders, even the arch priest of the great Jewish temple of Jerusalem - they were all pygmies before this young man. He was only thirty years of age when he started teaching and he was crucified when he was only thirty-three. He had not even reached the prime of his life. But whoever heard him, whether he agreed with him or not, had an absolute sense that when he speaks, you cannot disagree, at least in his presence. The idea of disagreeing does not arise. You cannot have doubts in his presence; something deeper convinces you. It is not logical. It is not his reason, it is his authority. It is the charisma that his words are carrying.

It was known all over Judea that no man had ever spoken like Jesus. It was said even by his enemies, that no man had ever spoken like Jesus. And he is saying nothing special - but the way he is saying it is certainly special, the state in which he is saying it is certainly special.

I have come across thousands of articles around the world in different languages, written for and against me - mostly against, but they all have recognized one thing which I was surprised that they all should recognize and yet not give a second thought to it.. And these are our intelligentsia. They all have mentioned - almost without fail - two things. One, that “You should not go to hear Osho. Because it does not matter what he’s saying, when you are in his presence, it seems to be right. By the time you have reached home it may look suspicious, doubts may arise.” A few have suggested: “You have been hypnotized.” Only very few have suggested - and none of them has heard me - that the words have a charismatic influence.

I know only one thing - that I am not a speaker, that I don’t know the art of oratory. All that I know is that if I have experienced something, I can convey it to you with my total authority, with my whole being behind it. And if you are open and available, perhaps the word may reach to your innermost shrine of being. And it may reach there with something of a charismatic energy.

As the energy goes on moving, the sixth center is the third eye - between the two eyebrows, exactly in the middle. It is when the energy is at the sixth center that the presence of the person.It is not just that he is here; it is not just a physical presence. There is no word for it, but we can manage.it is spiritual presence that you start feeling. His body becomes less important, his words become faraway echoes, but his presence, pure presence becomes such a tremendous pull that you know only one experience which can give you some idea of it, and that experience is falling in love - irrationally. You cannot give any explanation, but you know. You cannot say but you feel.

And if the energy reaches the seventh, that is the point where one becomes awakened. The energy has come to the highest peak of evolution. Then that person is pure charisma.

Whatever he touches becomes gold.

Wherever he sits becomes a holy place.

Whatever he says becomes scripture. His actions take on a tremendous beauty. His inactions also open doors to the miraculous. He speaks the truth and even when he is silent, his silence also speaks. Those who can understand the language of silence rejoice, are blissful, know perfectly well that this is the man they have been searching for centuries, for many lives.

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