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Chapter 19: Relish the Mystery in the Depths of Your Heart

Now they have become the owners of the temple. They don’t believe in Buddha. They are against Buddha, but the temple is very precious, because from all over the world people come to the temple. Much money comes to the temple, so the priest is not concerned. He is earning lots of money and he is not willing to hand over the temple, because for two thousand years it has been in his possession. No law can take it away from him.

So when the Buddhists reached China and Tibet they had learned a lesson, that if you go against the people and their traditions.. Perhaps when a charismatic person is alive you may seem to be winning the game, but when the charismatic person is gone.what has happened in India, will happen in Tibet, will happen in China, will happen in Sri Lanka, will happen in Japan. So they compromised.

That was the reason for inserting all these wrong sutras. The Buddhist scriptures in Tibet have different sutras, to console and to convince the Buddhist population of Tibet; Chinese Mahayana sutras have differences, in Sri Lanka they have differences. This is the historical reason why these absolutely absurd sutras, which cannot be Buddha’s, have entered into the scriptures. They have been knowingly put in, because without them there was no question of survival.

But as far as I am concerned, and as far as Bodhidharma should have been concerned, truth is the ultimate value, not survival. And survival by creating lies, by distorting the truth.. What is the point? Even if Buddhism disappears from the whole world, it does not matter. But the purity of Buddha’s statements should have been preserved.

Whenever a seeker wants to search, he has not to get lost in a forest of unnecessary disciplines, rituals. Bodhidharma should have made it clear. I know the risk. I understand that he must have felt very guilty, because after these sutras, he left China for the Himalayas. He must have felt tremendously hurt that what he was doing was against his own understanding. But still I can not forgive him. I cannot forgive anyone who goes against truth.

Those who observe the precepts don’t injure any of the myriad life forms of heaven and earth. If you hurt something by mistake, you suffer for it. But those who intentionally break the precepts by injuring the living for the sake of future blessings suffer even more. How could they let would-be blessings turn into sorrows?

The eternal lamp represents perfect awareness.

Only in this statement does the metaphor seem to be correct. It can be interpreted as perfect awareness, the eternal lamp. But he has not been able to relate other metaphors to his interpretations.

Long ago, there was a buddha named Dipamkara, or lamplighter. This was the meaning of his name.. The light released by a buddha from one curl between his brows can illuminate countless worlds. An oil lamp is no help..