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Chapter 1: The Security of Insecurity

I cannot take too much care as to who is a Judas and who is not; and I need not, because whatsoever happens is the will of existence. If a Judas is needed then he will have to come, that is the way existence wants it to be. But your mind can play tricks on you. You can’t just be a nobody - if you cannot be Christ, at least you can be Judas. You can’t accept the fact of anonymity.

And that is very fundamental, the first basic requirement to enter into the world of religion: to accept oneself as anonymous, as if you have no name, no form, no identity. Then the mind cannot deceive you. Then the mind cannot seduce you into some idea, into some imagination.

Buddha is talking about what happens when a person becomes awakened. Ordinarily man is asleep, all men are asleep. Irrespective of their religion, nation, race, on one thing they all agree: they are all fast asleep - dreaming different dreams, but the sleep is the same. The difference of dreams makes no difference to the quality of the sleep. One is dreaming Christian dreams, another is dreaming Jewish dreams, another is dreaming Hindu dreams, and so on and so forth, but dreams can’t change your consciousness. In fact they are hindrances.

The sleep has to be broken, the sleep has to be shattered; otherwise you don’t know who you are, you don’t know what you are doing. You don’t know where you are coming from, you don’t know where you are going. You don’t know what you are saying and what you are doing, to yourself and to others. You are accidental. You are like driftwood at the mercy of the blind winds: there is no destiny. The winds throw you on this shore or on that shore, but you are not the master of your own being. You are a slave, a slave of blind forces.

The first thing to be done is to come out of your sleep.

Buddha says in the first sutra:

He is awake.

He is defining buddhahood, or you can call it christhood; it is the same. Buddha and Christ are synonymous.

He is awake. That is the most essential quality: he is no longer asleep, he is no longer dreaming. He has no thoughts, no memories, no imagination. He is utterly silent and alert. His silence is not a dead, cold silence; his silence is wakeful, warm, alive.

He is awake: you are not - you are so full of junk. Unless you become empty of the junk you will not be awake. You go on doing the same things again and again, you go on repeating. You move in circles, never seeing the fact that you are functioning like a robot, like a machine.

The legend goes: in the days of ancient Rome an officer called away to the wars locked his beautiful young wife in a chastity belt, and gave the key to his best friend with the admonition, “If I don’t return in a year, use this key. To you, my dear friend, I entrust it.”

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