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Chapter 10: Before Sunrise

The sky does not speak. That does not mean it is dumb, and that does not mean that it is ignorant. The mystic knows that when you know, silence is the only language. The silence of the sky proclaims its wisdom.

He is also saying, “The god is veiled by his beauty.” In a beautiful flower, in a beautiful sunset, in a beautiful starry night, in the beautiful silence, you can find God; but not in the churches and not in the temples and not in the mosques. Their priests have created false gods to deceive humanity.

All your temples of God are just man-manufactured shops where you can purchase God very easily and cheaply - without any search, without any risk, without any danger, without going anywhere, without opening your wings into the sky, without even opening your eyes to the light, without even raising your head and looking at the starry night.a stone statue.

The priests have deceived you for centuries and they go on deceiving you. They alone are not responsible, you are also responsible for it. You want it cheap. Wherever there is a demand for cheap gods, of course a few people will supply cheap gods.

And the person who talks about the authentic God will appear dangerous to you. He can corrupt the minds of the young people because he can create a longing in the young people for an impossible pilgrimage. And the crowd does not want you to leave the fold.

We have been friends from the beginning:
we do not speak to one another, because we know too much: we are silent together, we smile our knowledge to one another.

A very beautiful statement:

We do not speak to one another, because we know too much.

There is no need to say anything.

There is a beautiful incident in the life of one of the great mystics of India, Kabir, and another great mystic, Farid. Farid was on pilgrimage with his disciples, and they passed Maghar, a small village near Varanasi. Varanasi is on one side of the Ganges, and Maghar is on the other side. Varanasi has been for centuries the citadel of Hinduism, and according to Hindu scholars it is the ancientmost city in the world. And it looks to be true, also, because it is referred to in the ancientmost scriptures.

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