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Chapter 7: Transcending the Seven Bodies

So, when you come inside your first body and outside of your second, just will, just wait. Only one thing has to be understood: the wish must be total. It must not be antagonistic. It must not have any doubt. It must not be in the shape of “either/or.” It must not be “I will be outside,”.made together with “I may not be..” If these two wishes are there they will cancel each other.

The etheric body is the body which is put into work in hypnosis. The first body is not. In hypnotic sleep it is the second body. That’s why a person who has eyes becomes blind just by believing the hypnotist when the hypnotist says “You have gone blind.” Now he cannot see. It is the second body, the etheric which has been influenced; and the suggestion goes to the etheric.

That’s why in hypnosis first you must be in deep trance - only then can your second body be reached. A person who is alright, okay, can be paralyzed by just suggesting to him that he is paralyzed, that “You are paralyzed.” The hypnotist must not use any language which creates doubt. Even if he says, “I think it appears that you have gone blind,” this will not work. He must be definite, certain, absolutely certain that you are blind. Only then the suggestion works.

In the second body just wish that “I am outside,” and you will be outside. Hypnotic trance can be a help. If your first body is asleep, then hypnotic sleep.not ordinary sleep, because in ordinary sleep your first body is still important. The ordinary sleep, the day-to-day sleep, belongs to the first body. It is not of the second. It is just the first body exhausted from the day’s labor, work, tension. It is relaxing. In hypnotic sleep, in hypnosis, the second body is put to sleep. And if the second is put to sleep, then you can work with it.

And there are so many things which can work through it, because when you get any disease, seventy-five percent of diseases come from the second body and they spread to the first. Only twenty-five percent of diseases come in the first body and go to the second.

The second body is so suggestible that in every medical college the first year students always become diseased with the same disease.the same disease catches them which is being taught to them. They begin to have symptoms. If the headache is discussed and the symptoms of it, then everybody goes inside, unknowingly, and thinks about the symptoms - whether he has any headache. Because this going inward becomes etheric, suggestions are caught and headaches are created, projected.

The pain of labor, the pain of childbirth, is not of the first body; it is of the second. So through hypnosis, childbirth can become absolutely painless - it is just a suggestion. There are societies which don’t feel any type of labor pain, pain of childbirth. It is not in their minds. But every type of civilization creates common suggestions; they become part and parcel of everybody.

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