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Chapter 12: Transforming Sexual Energy

This is one dimension. And the second dimension is that the government of India should certainly declare that the people who are misleading the masses of India are criminals - the Christian missionaries, Mother Theresa.whoever else is doing it. The pope is to visit soon. Before he arrives, India should understand that these are the people who are misleading the public, saying that the use of any kind of birth control method is irreligious and a great sin. That is their politics, that is not religion. The more orphans Mother Theresa finds, the more the number of Catholics grows. And we are so stupid that we go on heaping more and more awards on women like Mother Theresa without seeing that behind this service to the poor, behind this service to the orphans, there is nothing but the expansion of Christianity.

I haven’t seen a single man in the whole of India who is well cultured, well-to-do, and has become a Christian. Those who have become Christians are beggars, orphans and tribal people. And they too have not become Christians because they have understood that Christianity is a superior religion to their own, but rather because Christianity gives them bread, clothes, hospitals and schools.

Whosoever teaches opposition to birth control in India should be punished. At the present time, this is the biggest crime. Such a serious punishment is given to someone who takes another’s life - we take the offender’s life - and those who are preaching to let the population grow will be responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths. And for these people we have no criminal law, on the contrary, we reward them with more and more degrees, doctorates, and Nobel Prizes.

This double standard has to stop. Every Christian missionary in this country should clearly understand that if he has to live in this country then these nonsense teachings aren’t possible. Otherwise they should leave this country right now. Go to your own countries and preach such things there.

It is very interesting that the population in France is stable and all are Christians there. It is very interesting that missionaries from France and Switzerland come to India and explain to people here to let the population grow, because it is “a gift of God.” And the shankarachryas and the imams dance to the same tunes because they all carry this delusion, that childbirth has some inevitable connection with God. There is no inevitable connection with God whatsoever. Once we can remove this delusion from the Indian psyche - that God has a connection with childbirth - there will be no obstacle whatsoever to Indian people adopting birth control by themselves.

Together with this, I also want to say that so far we have only looked at things from one side - that of birth. So far we haven’t considered things from the other side - death. This thinking is incomplete and I want to say the whole thing. Publicize birth-control. Explain to people that now there is no greater crime than giving birth to children, and that you are carrying out this crime against your own children, because it is your children who will starve, it is your children who will suffer as beggars. Your children will suffer hell on earth and you will be responsible for it. If you had wanted to, you could have stopped it. This is one side.

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